Acoustic Sticks Bundles are a ready to install system, available in wide or narrow and with the choice of portrait or landscape orientation.




Bleach Cleanable

Easy Install

Easy Clean

Colour & Finish Options
Zintra 12mm Solid PET
Zintra Timber Print

Product Specifications


Zintra Sticks are a versatile range of fabricated acoustic sticks designed for easy installation in any space.

Zintra Sticks Bundles are supplied as a complete system (aluminium frame + sticks) and are available in 2745mm (108") lengths. Zintra Sticks Bundles come in two profiles and can be mounted on walls or ceilings in your choice of landscape or portrait orientation.

Zintra Sticks Bundles are a cost effective, lightweight solution that’s simple to install, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

Additionally, a selection of Sticks are available to address transitions, trim, and corners, ensuring a comprehensive solution tailored to your space.

Sticks Transition:

Seamless corner transitions are possible with the use of purpose designed Sticks Transition. Designed to join bundles at inside corners and available in Landscape or Portrait.

Sticks Trim:

Zintra Sticks are impeccably finished around windows, doors, ceiling services and GPOs with our Sticks Trim. Supplied as a separate right-angle piece, Sticks Trim is easily cut in the field to mitre or butt join and glue to Sticks sets to provide a matching Timber finish to exposed ends.

Sticks External Corner:

A purpose designed transition piece that seamlessly deals with the corners of a wall. Available in Landscape or Portrait.

The sticks are available in two widths, narrow and wide.


Sticks Bundle:

  • Narrow |2745mm (108") h x 953mm (37.5") w

  • Individual Sticks – 42mm (1.66") w x 61mm (2.4") d

  • Wide | 2745mm (108") h x 953mm (37.5") w

  • Individual Sticks – 101mm (4") w x 61mm (2.4") d

Landscape Transition:

  • Narrow Set |2745mm (108") w x 296mm (11.67”) h

  • Wide Set |2745mm (108") w x 326mm (12.83") h

Portrait Transition:

  • Narrow Set | 289mm (11.37") h x 953mm (37.5") w

  • Wide Set | 289mm (11.37") h x 953mm (37.5") w

Sticks Trim:

  • 2745mm (108") h x 73mm (2.88") w x 73mm (2.88") d

Portrait External Corner Set:

  • 2745mm (108") h x 101mm (4") w

Landscape External Corner:

  • Narrow Set | 953mm (37.5") h x 152mm (6”) w

  • Wide Set | 953mm (37.5") h x 152mm (6”) w


Zintra Acoustic Panel - 100% Solution Dyed (Colour Through) Polyester

12mm (1/2") - Density 2.4 kg /m² 0.5 lb/ft²


Zintra is made from 100% recyclable materials.

  • 60% post-consumer recycled content from PET bottles.

  • 35% pre-consumer recycled content from PET chips

  • 5% polylactic acid (PLA)

Fire Rating

ASTM-E84 – Class A classification
AS ISO 9705 – 2003 – Group 1 classification
EN-13501 – B-s2-d0 classification


Visit FAQ for more details.

Assembly & Delivery

Ships flat pack except Sticks Trim. Assembly required.

Go to the Technical Documents and download the Installation Guide for more details.

Supplied As

Sticks Bundle:

  • Ships Flat Pack

  • 7 x 24mm (1”) Aluminium Tube Notched

  • NARROW: 16 x Zintra Sticks

  • WIDE: 8 x Zintra Sticks


  • 1 x Zintra Trim

Transition Landscape:

  • Ships flat pack.

  • 7 x Zintra Cover Supports

  • 2 x 25mm (1") SHS Tubes - no notches

  • WIDE: 4 Zintra Sticks

  • NARROW: 7 Zintra Sticks

Transition Portrait:

  • Ships flat pack.

  • 2 x 24mm (1") SHS Tubes - notched.

  • WIDE: 8 Zintra Sticks

  • NARROW: 16 Zintra Sticks

External Corner Set:

  • Ships Flat pack.

  • 14 x 24mm (1") Aluminium Tubes

  • 1 x Zintra Corner

Suggested Installation

Go to Technical Documents and download the Installation Guide for more details.

How to Specify
  1. Select your Sticks Bundle

  2. Select Wide or Narrow Sticks

  3. Select Zintra Colour

Care Instructions

Vacuum to remove dust.

Dab Zintra with a damp clean cloth and mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Repeat using only clean water, then pat dry with a lint free cloth.

For difficult stains, use a solution of household bleach (10% bleach / 90% water). To remove the bleach, repeat using a clean, water dampened cloth, then pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first and if you don't see the expected results, contact us.


The Zintra Acoustic Solutions range is customisable to your project. Please get in touch with your local contact for details.

Additional Comments

NRC Rating:

  • Directly mounted: 0.8

  • With 6" (152mm) Air Gap: Up to 0.95