Al Lupo Bar

Sticks Bundle

A bar by the beach

The atmosphere is described as polished yet approachable, making it perfect for a date night or a casual hangout with friends.

They offer a menu of delicious food, featuring both Italian and Australian selections, alongside their signature cocktails.

Al Lupo is a new bar trading late into the evening and opening onto Freemantle’s renowned beachfront precinct.

Mindful of its mixed-use location and neighbours, spaceagency were conscious to address excess noise. By considering acoustics from the outset, reducing reverberation tackles the Lombard Effect where patrons continually increase their volume to be heard.

Zintra Sticks offered a sculptural, purposeful alternative to uninspiring acoustic insulation, the system is also practical and allowed ceiling services to be accessed without special skills or tools.

Zintra Sticks adds to the comfort and productivity of the beautifully executed space that features extensive glazing blurring the line between high bar tables and Leighton Beach Boulevard.

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