IDES Melbourne

Walls, Ceilings, Systems, Cladding
MIC Projects

Located in Melbourne’s hip Collingwood, the recently refurbished IDES restaurant is a cool, casual and innovative fine dining venue inspired by the eclectic and diverse multicultural city of Melbourne.

Design Inspiration

The food and dishes at IDES take their cues from the local environment and seasons, with the fitout of the original restaurant also echoing this theme. It’s no surprise then that nature played a huge part in influencing the design vision for the new project, with earthly finishes such as wood, stone and linens all featuring. Like all bustling venues, addressing the acoustics of the space was also high on the priority list to ensure an intimate experience for diners.

Bringing the Vision to Life

Our design team worked closely with the restaurant’s chef and owner Peter Gunn, and contractors MIC Projects, to bring this vision to life. Zintra was selected as the primary material of choice, not only for its excellent acoustic qualities, but also for its versatility, high fire rating and affordability. Zintra sheets in stony Slate feature on the walls behind the bench seating in the main dining room, to assist with noise control.

In the private dining room Zintra Sticks in Merbau feature seamlessly on the walls and ceiling to compliment the original timber elements and to add a sense of warmth and intimacy. To further elevate the space, and in keeping with the theme of natural finishes, our Cork Cobra wallcovering was installed on the adjacent walls. This decorative wallcovering features gold highlights which are beautifully accented in the wall lights.

Overall, the newly refurbished IDES is a moody, intimate space that sets the tone for a cool, casual approach to fine dining. Its elegance and connection to nature is expressed in both the aesthetics as well as the gastronomic experience.

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