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The Fitout Studio (TFS) believe that every company and commercial space should have well-designed spaces that reflect its unique culture. Through our wide range of products, including Zintra Acoustics, we have worked collaboratively with TFS to create a number of bespoke and beautiful commercial spaces for their Brisbane-based clients. 

Zintra Acoustics’ ability to be customised and modified specifically to the individual needs of a project has been fundamental in all of our projects with TFS to date. Our in-house design team has worked closely with TFS’s designers from the initial design concept, enabling us to produce practical applications of Zintra on a project-by-project basis.  

300 George Street

At 300 George Street, the design team wanted to create a unique feature wall for the reception area that also had acoustic benefits for the broader office space. The solution was to use Zintra Embossed in Tapestry to create a soft yet impactful, floor-to-ceiling feature. The devil being in the details, there are a number of customised elements to this install, including a concealed sliding door that seals off the communal kitchen from the reception area; slick metalwork trims on the Zintra Embossed panels; built-in door handle and reception area seating. The result is a high-end finish that is both creative and functional. 

Hunter Galloway

At the offices of Hunter Galloway, the existing reception area was sparse and full of echo. Both Zintra Embossed and Zintra Etch were selected to solve the acoustics issue, while also bringing a unique design element to the space. The walls feature Etch in VJ Board, which was customised to perfectly match the adjacent timber VJ panels (we challenge you to guess which is the timber wall, and which is Zintra!). The client loved the effect so much that it was also used in the seating bays throughout the office. 

Paypa Planes

Paypa Planes has a distinct corporate logo which the design team wanted to imitate and use throughout the Paypa Planes open-plan office. Custom Zintra Textures were designed using the logo to create acoustic feature walls, with the look further elevated by an aluminium border. Bespoke Zintra Clouds were also created in the shape of paper planes to provide additional acoustic solutions for the office. Our in-house design team worked closely with TFS to incorporate LED lighting into these planes for added impact. The overall result is a playful, inspiring and truly unique office space for Paypa Planes employees! 

399 Coronation Drive

At 339 Coronation Drive, the brief was for a fit-out that not only provided acoustic absorption, but one which matched the existing design aesthetic and unique office kitchen layout. Zintra Arch Tiles were installed in the boardroom, providing a perfect compliment to the featured artworks. While in the kitchen, a bespoke solution was required to work around the ceiling’s varying angles. A custom baffle system was designed as a result, which artistically navigates these changes in angles and enhances the overall lightness of the space.  

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