Ulverstone Secondary College

Walls, Tiles

We’re pleased to have worked alongside Philp Lighton Architects and Ulverstone High School’s Principal (Glen Lutwyche) to accomplish and deliver an environmentally sustainable study space. 

With Ulverstone Secondary College’s remarkable success of the previous year 11 & 12’s extension program, a fantastic opportunity surfaced to refresh the space and elevate the presentation of the school as well as expand the school curriculum.  

Design and Process 

The goal was to demonstrate positive change by highlighting the importance of sustainable design. Glen Lutwyche was particularly drawn to the Tasmania Government Wood Encouragement policy and so the adoption of new and sustainable design techniques was a key criterion to the project. Sharp contrast of exposed timber paired with non-conventional approaches of prefabricated flooring and wall elements become highlights throughout the space to encourage conversation regarding current education trends. 

 Baresque’s Zintra Shapes helped add this dynamic contrast to the Ulverstone High School’s study hub. Philp Lighton Architects utilized 4 colours of Zintra and Baresque’s fabrication capabilities to tie in perfectly with the carpet design and playful furniture. Delivering a unique atmosphere with acoustic comfort for the senior students identify with. The hub differs from standard school spaces as the look and feel leans towards a university or higher learning environment which makes for a great transitional learning space for students in the year 11 & 12 age group. 

Zintra from Baresque was selected because of its high acoustic value, color range, ability to be cut into custom designs and most importantly its sustainable initiatives. Browse our range of Acoustics or contact us to discuss your project’s needs today. 

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