Ritz Cinema

Zintra, Seraphic

Ritz Cinemas is steeped in rich history and tradition. Built in 1937 and now Heritage-listed, it is one of only two original Art Deco cinemas remaining in Sydney.

Family-owned, independent, and still offering the lowest price movie tickets around, the cinema has survived a fascinating history of tumultuous change and holds an important place in the local culture.

Design Intent:

The design called for multiple pieces cut in different colours and installed like an art deco inspired jigsaw puzzle. Given the specified products inherent variances in size and colour, this would have been exceptionally hard to install without compromising the aesthetic and acoustic performance.

Taking the unique site circumstances and very tight deadline into consideration, we proposed digitally printing the same solution onto 2800x1200 panels. The finished result was smooth and cohesive, without 100’s of joins to align and keep aligned. It also meant the acoustic performance remained intact as the panels did not need to be fitted to a substrate prior to installation.

Baresque was able to propose a solution and delivered within 10 days from project sign off.

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