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Nature brings the beauty of nature indoors with earthy tones. Protect the planet in style with this sophisticated and sustainable choice.




Stain Resistant


Phthalate Free

Heavy Metals Free

Latex Free

Outdoor Suitable

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Product Specifications


Panaz new faux leather is called Nature as it is kinder to the environment, this eco-friendly choice helps us to protect where we live for future generations, it is available in a sophisticated colour palette that features earthy neutral tones and subtle colours inspired by our natural landscape.

Roll Size

140cm x N/A - Available by the lineal metre.


720 g/m²


Plant Based, PVC / PU Blend

Backing: 100% Cotton

Abrasion 150,000+ Martindale Rubs
Pattern Repeat Size Not Applicable
Environmental Info

Made from Plant Based Bio-ethylene

Vegan Friendly


Red List Compliant

Phthalate Free

Heavy Metal Free

Latex Free

Fire Rating

This product can be treated with a fire retardant that will ensure it meets Australian Standard 1530.3. Contact Baresque for details.


2-year warranty. Visit for complete details.

Lead Time

• 2-weeks (approx.) from Wednesday, subject to stock availability.

• Additional 1-week for Western Australia.

• Express delivery is available subject to a surcharge. Contact Baresque for details and pricing.

Care Instructions

Use cloth with any of the following in preferred order of use
* Clear warm water
* Mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water
* Isopropyl Alcohol (a.k.a. rubbing alcohol)

Do not use solvent based or concentrated abrasive cleaning agents, lacquer thinners, nail polish remover or cleaning agents containing bleach as these may cause discolouration over a period of time.

Remove any detergent with a clean, damp cloth. Gently pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first. If care instructions don't deliver the expected results, cease cleaning method immediately and contact Baresque for assistance.

Additional Comments

Antimicrobial ShieldPlus Protection permanently inhibits the broadest spectrum of microbes (even C diff spore) and prevents nasty odours.

Acryltron affording exceptional, improved resistance to cleaning chemicals.

Polyurethane coating - For durability and stain resistance.

PVC Core For core strength and durability using plant-based bio-ethylene.

Substrate - Natural and biodegradable cotton substrate providing a solid foundation.