Zintra Timber

Zintra Timber combines the aesthetic beauty of the natural environment with all the acoustic benefits of Zintra Acoustics (NRC = 0.45 – 0.9)  adding even more scope and design appeal to your Commercial, Education and Hospitality projects. 2800mm long sheets are also perfect for join-free floor-to-ceiling applications.  

Zintra Timber is an extension of Zintra's 12MM Acoustic panel palette. Timber emulates the grain of real timber with the addition of four acoustic timber “species” - Eucalyptus (EU / Ironbark (IB) / Spotted Gum (SP) / Merbau (MB) Timber sheets will be held in stock (single sided and double sided) alongside our existing 20 plain colours and offering all the acoustic benefits of Zintra. 

Like Zintra Acoustic Panels, Timber can be supplied as a sheet that is easily fabricated and installed or in a wide range of finished solutions from walls to ceilings and more! 

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