New Wallcoverings Collection

Presenting our new wallcoverings collection, sourced from the world’s leading designers.

The designs draw inspiration from nature's gentle undulations, architectural forms, and cultural tapestries, evoking a sense of dynamism and movement throughout the collection.

The curated collection features a range of colourways inspired by nature’s diverse landscapes.

Nature's influence

Delicate curves and lines mirror the gentle undulations of soft, rolling waves, contouring hillsides and sand ripples.

Patterns and textures

Free-forming shapes, bold geometries, and intricate lines create a dynamic and textured aesthetic that captivates and invites immersion.

Performance attributes

Carefully-curated to possess both artisanal qualities and performance attributes of durability, sustainability, and wall protection. Perfect for commercial interiors.

The new collection of wallcoverings blends design and wellbeing to create environments that ignite the senses.


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