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Reflection is a mosaic of contrasting geometric shapes with a metallic sheen that's available in 2 colourways.



Light Resistant


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Product Specifications


Omexco's latest collection CASCA encapsulates the passion for the most exquisite gifts that nature has to offer.

A curated selection of the most stunning variations of mulberry ad cork oak barks is showcased page after page, exposing the richly sensuous experience of these soft and matt natural textures.

Playing into the irregular and authentic quality of materials, artisans are able to give shape to inspire designers.

The choice to work with cork - its use prolongs the tree's longevity - reflects our commitment towards a more virtuous industry and allows us to honour our environmental values.

The designs are available in a harmonious palette of nature-inspired shades, where warm earth tones are brought to life by bolder accents, like a lapis lazuli blue.

Roll Size

91cm wide - Available by the lineal metre


Approx. 440 g/m2


Cork Marquetry

Pattern Repeat Size Approx. 90,5 cm and the design needs a straight match
Environmental Info

The Omexco brand has a sustainable policy that limits their impact on the environment on different levels.

Renewable energy is used for the production process and the company opts for non-harmful base, renewable materials such as cork or recycled sari silk and recycled fibres are used as much as possible.

Omexco has a long history of being eco-conscious trying to reduce waste by custom cutting every order and obtaining certificates for sustainable forestry.

Fire Rating

Tested in accordance with AS ISO 9705 2003 for the purpose of determining the Group Number classification as required by the Building Code of
Australia for the control of fire spread on interior wall and ceiling linings.

The result achieved was:
Classification - Group 2
Specific Extinction - Less than 250m²/kg


2-year warranty. Visit for complete details.

Lead Time

• 2-weeks (approx.) from Wednesday, subject to stock availability.

• Additional 1-week for Western Australia.

• Express delivery is available subject to a surcharge. Contact Baresque for details and pricing.

Suggested Installation

Reverse hang / Straight across match.

Baresque recommends and supplies Roman brand adhesives and primers.

Care Instructions

Always use a clean, white, soft cloth.

Remove liquid stains immediately using a dry cloth. Avoid hard scrubbing.

For tougher stains, dampen the cloth with warm water or a weak dilution of liquid detergent and apply being careful not to soak the material. Always work towards the centre of the stain so as to avoid further spreading.

Remove any detergent with a clean, damp cloth. Gently pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first.

Additional Comments

Cas 6 are marqueteries made by craftsmen. Every single piece of cork is applied manually with the utmost care. Irregularities in the design can occur - they reveal the handmade production process and create the charming and unique character of these marqueteries..