Introducing Zintra Embossed

Welcome to Zintra Embossed. Embossed adds a luxurious feel to Zintra’s extensive range of acoustic solutions. Zintra Embossed instantly elevates spaces with progressively matched patterns across sheets, creating a seamless, layered effect.  

The versatility of Zintra  Acoustics means we’ve been able to create 3-dimensional designs that offer the refinement and sophistication of traditional wallcoverings, with the acoustic benefits of Zintra. The consistent patterns are progressively matched across the sheets means an easy installation as either large panels or ceiling tiles. It’s ideal for spaces that not only need noise absorption but also need a sumptuous design element to give visual interest. The heather on Zintra offers warmth and sense of cosy to cold and hard spaces which makes it a fantastic solution for all spaces. Particularly bars and restaurants, retail stores, transit lounges and open plan offices where high traffic and unexpected noises tend to bounce. 

View Zintra Embossed Brochurehere.  

The world never stands still and neither do we. To stay ahead of the game, we’ve made sure that Zintra Embossed is a product that you can flex your inner creativity to reshape indoor spaces. 

Discover Zintra Embossed

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