Can Performance Fabrics have it all? Balancing aesthetics and performance in commercial interiors

For years, commercial performance fabrics have conjured images of stiff, scratchy materials – a necessary requirement for their durability and stain resistance. But what if function and comfort could coexist? The latest in performance fabrics are revolutionising the landscape, offering a winning combination of high-performance features with surprisingly luxurious textures.

The perfect blend for commercial design

Advances in fibre technology have led to the creation of innovative and forward-thinking performance fabrics. Think woven textures that rival the plushness of natural fibres like wool or linen. Yet they boast superior durability, having been designed from the outset to be hygienic and easy to clean - ideal for high-traffic areas like an airport lounge or food court. They  improve the health, wellbeing and comfort of those who use them.

This newfound comfort opens exciting possibilities for commercial spaces. Waiting areas and breakouts can now perform, repel and protect while appearing soft and delicate. These groundbreaking products take nature as their ultimate inspiration and perfects their performance properties to take on the hardest human beating!

Matte and Hatch, the latest releases from Burch, are perfect examples of  where luxury meets durability. Matte takes a modern and sophisticated approach to felted wool, with a colour palette of warm neutrals and bolder classics like Oxford and Garnet. While Hatch’s subtle blend of different coloured fibres creates soft, textural variations to bring a sense of calm elegance to interiors.

Backed by the power of Crypton, these fabrics are also high achievers when it comes to durability. Their stain and moisture resistance, plus easy maintenance, makes them ideal for high-traffic areas such as corporate break-out spaces and reception areas.

Nature by Panaz, the first of its kind in high-performing eco-friendly faux leather, is another example where form and function effortlessly combine. Nature pairs a beautiful leather grain look in a myriad of soothing nature-inspired colours, with a luxe soft touch that easily navigates the curves and contours of comfortable, organic-formed furniture. And importantly, this vinyl is made with the renewable resource Tall oil , a plant oil byproduct from the wood and waste-paper pulping process, rather than oils derived from fossil fuels - while still offering the performance characteristics of a traditional vinyl as expected in high traffic interiors.

Design harmony in healthcare

Performance fabrics also have the ability to elevate healthcare and hospitality projects to an unexpected level of style, where it’s possible to create an interior that looks and feels more like a boutique hotel than a sanitary environment.

Think the latest in furniture trends, soft and tactile textures, and beautiful neutral tones that are usually high-risk choices in such settings. However, with our latest performance fabrics this aesthetic is possible thanks to innovative fabric technology such as Tekloom, and the tried and tested credibility of Crypton. These technologies allow for soft, comfortable woven textures to combine with high performance attributes that offer all the built-in protection you would expect from high performance fabrics – properties such as antimicrobial, moisture and stain repellent, and easy maintenance.

These fabrics also contribute to healthier indoor environments by being PVC-free and avoiding harmful chemicals to achieve Red List and Greenguard Gold certifications - thus promoting the well-being of all occupants and an alignment with mindful design principles.

Recess by Concertex is one our latest releases, infusing warmth, care and comfort into healthcare spaces. This innovative upholstery combines a timeless woven aesthetic with the unparalleled durability of Tekloom technology - where the textile is chemically bonded with the durable components of a coated fabric to create an advanced, high-performance fused textile. Boasting  an impermeable surface, Tekloom is also stain resistant and surpasses 1 million double rubs for unmatched wear resistance that is perfect for high-traffic healthcare environments.

Explore our featured collection of high performance fabrics below, or get in touch to learn more.


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