Minto Shopping Centre Refresh

Botton + Gardiner
Tabletops, Upholstery
Lucere, Lightblocks, Concertex

The Minto Shopping Centre is the local premier shopping hub to Minto. It features over 60 specialty stores and is the place to be for the community for food and entertainment.


With a strong focus on community, the owners of Minto Shopping Centre wanted to give back through their centre. The goal of the refresh was to give the heart of the centre a “homey” and comfortable feel, suitable to a wide range of local demographics. Usability, space and access were particularly important with the layout opening up the inside of the space and creating zones of long vs short stay seating. 

Design and Process

Designed in house by our sister company botton + gardiner and using a number of Baresque finishes and vinyl upholsteries. A strong balance was achieved between not only looks but functionality and cost. The client was impressed by botton + gardiner / Baresque’s previous work at Market City, Sydney and drawn to the full package service including design, manufacture and installation. 

The food court’s colour palette was inspired by the owner’s Mediterranean tastes and the building’s strong black ceiling framing which also led into the shapes of the feature centre table. Black, bronze and ochre colours were devised to be sophisticated without being cold. The metallic sheen and vinyl’s quilted/woven feel add texture and interest without compromising functionality of cleaning or durability. 

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