Level 28, Australia Square Tower

Creo Design Group
Ceilings, Screens & Partitions, Upholstery, Walls

Situated in the premium Australia Square Tower, Creo Design delivered a welcoming fit-out for Level 28, Australia Square Tower. Today, workplaces are transitioning from strictly corporate to collaborative spaces. Companies are getting their workspaces designed to reflect the organisational culture and boost employees’ performance. Creo Design used their expertise in designing a workplace solution on Level 28 that focuses on adaptability and collaboration combined with their knowledge ensuring enhanced end-user experience. 

Design and Process

The Creo Group worked with our team to create Custom Zintra Acoustic Clouds to feature in breakout areas as well as Zintra Acoustic Baffles in the reception area. The colours selection used throughout the space are neutral and light, the Zintra Acoustic colour that was selected was Smoke / Silver.  Zintra’s wide range of colours and ease of use make it the ideal material for any project. Level 28 workspace now features a balance between the corporate world and the home environment, offering a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

At Baresque we believe that no two projects are the same. Incorporating Zintra Acoustics into your projects is easy, so you don't need to compromise on aesthetics to secure standout acoustics, enhancing sound quality in the rooms. Creating an aesthetically pleasing and acoustically comforting environment is all at your fingertips. Our Zintra Acoustics are worth browsing for your next project. Contact us today to discuss your project’s specific needs. 

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