Larries at The Beach Hotel

EJE Architecture
Baresque, Seraphic

Larries, an abbreviation of ‘larrikin’, is a playful and snug takeaway venue underneath the Merewether Beach Hotel in Newcastle. This recently transformed space was inspired by both the classic 1970’s Australian milkbar and the local town’s surfing history.

Design Inspiration and Project

Larries is a fun and energetic new takeaway venue that pays homage to Newcastle’s history as a bustling surf town and to suburban milk bars of bygone era's.

Situated underneath the Merewether Beach Hotel, this previously underutilised space was refurbished with a vision to authentically capture the spirit of the local culture and to provide a welcoming space for the community.

Designed by EJE Interiors, the venue beautifully captures the 1970's era of surfing with its fun and vibrant fit out, including custom tabletops featuring vintage photographs sourced by EJE Interiors, such as that of the archetypal larrikin Bob Hawke. They were created using Seraphic Digital Print on Lightblocks with a Ply substrate. This combination not only enabled the designers to create a bit of fun with tables that really enhance the design vision, but also to ensure they are highly durable thanks to the fully refinishable quality of Lightblocks. As Jodie Duddington, Senior Interior Designer at EJE says, "Lightblocks is a durable and tactile surface for a commercial tabletop and the ability to use a custom print gives us limitless options."

The retro fit out also features pops of pastels, framed historic photographs from the local board riders club and a custom surfboard rack for patrons to leave their boards in. It's a cosy yet playful space which brings to life the larrikin concept perfectly.

Larries is located at 99 Frederick Street, Merewether, NSW 2291.

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