Green Moustache

Ruth Harris
Tables, Tabletops
Seraphic, Lightblocks

Green Moustache North Sydney is a rooftop garden bar and restaurant known as “The Oasis in the Sky” Filled with high end, detailed finishes and an abundance of greenery, Green Moustache is now home to some timeless and captivating Seraphic Digital Print tabletops. 

Design and Manufacturing

Our design team worked closely with Interior Designer Ruth Harris from Redwah to deliver custom designed table tops which were printed on our Lightblocks Board on Ply. With our Inhouse digital print facilities and 40 years experience in sourcing material, Baresque digital print offers huge flexibility in substrates, applications and virtually limitless design options be it from our standard range or working with artwork brought to us by our clients. In the case of Green Moustache, Ruth supplied us with custom artwork that we could use in the manufacture of some very unique tops to match the vibrancy and detail of the rest of the space. 

Design Opportunities with Digital Print

Digital print opens up a world of opportunities to expand your selection of print, colour variations and substrates beyond our already comprehensive range. Digital print is a process of making a custom print from an electronic file providing a cost-effective and high-quality design solution. 

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