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Wicker is a 137cm wide high performance fabric for upholstery that's bleach cleanable, ink, stain and moiture resistant. available in 9 colours.


Bleach Cleanable

High Stain Resistance

Moisture Barrier

Phthalate Free


Ultra Performance



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Product Specifications


Tekloom is an innovative high-performance fused textile engineered using a new technology to chemically bond together a woven textile with the durable components of a coated fabric. The end result is a fabric with the aesthetic of a woven textile, but with the high performance characteristics of a coated fabric. Features + Benefits: * Ink and stain resistant. Clean most stains with a dry towel and water. * Bleach cleanable * Moisture barrier * Abrasion of 1 million + double rubs * Performance attributes are inherent in the product, not added

Roll Size

137cm x Approx 50m - Available by the lineal metre


Tekloom High Performance Fused Textile - Polyester 88%, Graffiti-Free® Tekloom® TPE 12% with an acrylic backing

Abrasion 1,000,000 + double rubs (Wyzenbeek)
Pattern Repeat Size N/A
Environmental Info

PFC rree (perfluorinated compounds)

PVC free

Phthatalates free

Red List free

Anti bacterial

FR (flame retardants),

Tekloom complies with California Prop 65, California 01350 VOC Standard and Healthier Hospitals Initiative.

Fire Rating

Tested in accordance with AS1530.3

Spread of Flame Index - 0

Smoke Developed Index - 5


2-year warranty. Visit for complete details.

Lead Time

• 2-weeks (approx.) from Wednesday, subject to stock availability.

• Additional 1-week for Western Australia.

• Express delivery is available subject to a surcharge. Contact Baresque for details and pricing.

Care Instructions

While Tekloom® is inherently stain resistant, it is important to keep it clean at all times to maintain the original look and feel. Spot cleaning with a clean, soft towel with clean water will remove most of the everyday stains.

Cleaning Code: W/S, Bleach (10:1), Dry Care™


Tekloom can be disinfected with a 10:1 bleach dilution of water/bleach.

Apply the solution using a misting spray bottle and gently scrub the affected area with a sponge or soft bristle brush. Allow the mixture to linger for the time specified by the facility.

Avoid soaking the seamed area to prevent the bleach from penetrating thru the protective layer.

Rinse all cleaning agents thoroughly with water and wipe with a soft cloth

Residue left by cleaning agents will degrade and shorten the life and/or affect the product’s appearance if not removed.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first.