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Tuscan Plaster is a design inspired by materials that last. It’s a Type II commercial wallcovering, anti-microbial, low VOC and EPD and HPD certified.



Bleach Cleanable



10% Recycled content


EPD Certified

HPD Certified

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Product Specifications


Everything old is new again in the Tuscan Plaster series. Influenced by aged, handcrafted structures that still stand tall today.

This series pays tribute to dimensional and tonal variations of a real plaster finish and a touch of Old-World charm in modern interiors.

Ranging in eleven colourway options that exude the warmth and beauty of Italian countryside, this rich colour pallet evokes the essence of the region's landscape, architecture, and cultural heritage.

Roll Size

137cm wide x 27.4m - Available by the lineal metre


452 g/m²


Vinyl face on a woven backing 20oz (452 g/m²)

Pattern Repeat Size Not Applicable
Environmental Info

Formaldehyde free

Heavy metals free

Perfluorooctanoic acid free

No solvent inks

Low VOC emissions. Any VOCs dissipate quickly (faster than paint) through normal ventilation and have no recognized adverse impact on indoor air quality.

Durability means products do not need to be replaced regularly due to wear and tear and being cleanable, vinyl products are ideal for helping keep commercial environments clean of bacteria.

Baresque will only deal with vinyl manufacturers that comply with applicable state and federal regulations, provide a factory that is safe and clean for its employees to work in, recycle scrap and inks during the manufacturing process to minimize waste related to production.

Fire Rating

Tested in accordance with AS ISO 9705 2003 for the purpose of determining the Group Number classification as required by the Building Code of
Australia for the control of fire spread on interior wall and ceiling linings.

The result achieved was:
Classification - Group 2
Specific Extinction - Less than 250m²/kg


5-year warranty. Visit for complete details.

Lead Time

• 2-weeks (approx.) from Wednesday, subject to stock availability.

• Additional 1-week for Western Australia.

• Express delivery is available subject to a surcharge. Contact Baresque for details and pricing.

Suggested Installation

Reverse hang / overlap and double cut.

Baresque recommends and supply Roman brand adhesives and primers.

Care Instructions

Always use a clean, white, soft cloth.

Use cloth with any of the following in preferred order of us:

1: Clear warm water

2: Mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water

3: Isopropyl Alcohol (a.k.a. rubbing alcohol)

Remove any detergent with a clean, damp cloth. Gently pat dry.

For more difficult stains, dampen a soft white cloth with a solution of household bleach (10% bleach / 90% water). Rub gently.

Rinse with a water dampened cloth to remove bleach concentration.

DO NOT USE solvent based or concentrated abrasive cleaning agents, lacquer thinners, nail polish remover as these may cause discolouration over a period of time.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first. If care instructions don't deliver the expected results, cease cleaning method immediately and contact Baresque for assistance.