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Recreate architectural aesthetics with Terracotta's warmth and realism. Sustainability spaces that look as beautiful as they sound.


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Product Specifications


Individually crafted by our designers, the Zintra collection of Premium Material prints faithfully recreates the striking aesthetics of architectural finishes with awe-inspiring realism and superior acoustics.

The deep and captivating tones of Terracotta encapsulate the very essence of time-honoured elegance, warmth, and rustic charm. With its earthy hue reminiscent of sun-soaked clay, it conveys a sense of natural warmth, making it a popular choice in architectural and interior design for its ability to evoke a timeless and inviting atmosphere.

Within our Zintra collection, Terracotta finds its place among Premium Material prints, showcasing architectural finishes' striking aesthetics while delivering exceptional acoustics. The ½” (12mm) Zintra base color is meticulously paired to introduce depth, infusing unparalleled crispness and clarity.

Lightweight, versatile, and extraordinarily durable, Premium Material unveils a world of possibilities for your projects. Craft sustainable spaces that not only resonate with exceptional acoustics but also radiate the utmost beauty. Discover the timeless elegance of Terracotta within our contemporary context, where function and beauty coalesce seamlessly.

Terracotta is available in Terracotta Sun Bleached, Terracotta Mission and Terracotta Antique.

Made In Australia

1225mm x 2800mm

PET Colours

1. Select Print

2. Select single or double sided print

3. The base color is predetermined by the print choice to best align.

Terracotta Sun Bleached:

The base color for this design is on 'Linen' ONLY

Terracotta Mission:

The base color for this design is on 'Bark' ONLY

Terracotta Antique:

The base color for this design is on 'Brick' ONLY



Density: 2.4 kg /m²


Zintra Acoustic Panel - 100% Solution Dyed (Color Through) Polyester


Zintra is made from 100% recyclable materials.

• 60% post-consumer recycled content from PET bottles.

• 35% pre-consumer recycled content from PET chips

• 5% polylactic acid (PLA)

Fire Rating

Tested in accordance with AS ISO 9705 2003 for the purpose of determining the Group Number classification required by the Building Code of Australia for the control of fire spread on interior wall and ceiling linings.

Classification - Group 1

Specific Extinction - Less than 250m²/kg


5-year warranty. Visit for complete details.

Assembly & Delivery

Ships Flat Pack

Refer Installation Instructions

Supplied As

1 x Zintra Premium Material Print Panel in Terracotta Sun Bleached, Terracotta Mission or Terracotta Antique

Suggested Installation

Ceiling or Wall

Refer Installation Guide

How to Specify

1. Select Pattern

Base color is preselect to best match print.

Care Instructions

Vacuum to remove dust.

Dab Zintra with a damp clean cloth and mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Repeat using only clean water, then pat dry with a lint free cloth.

For difficult stains, use a solution of household bleach (10% bleach / 90% water). To remove the bleach, repeat using a clean, water dampened cloth, then pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first and if you don't see the expected results, contact us.

Additional Comments

NRC 0.45 - 0.95


1 x Zintra Premium Material Print Panel supplied in chosen design. Terracotta Sun Bleached, Terracotta Mission or Terracotta Antique.