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Stratek Stones is a 3D vinyl laminate with impact resistance and water damage. Ideal for counters, tabletops, desks and work surfaces.


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Product Specifications


STRATEK 3D Laminate provides a higher level of durability than standard thermofoils making it excellent for use in high traffic commercial environments - education, retail, medical furnishings, hospitality, airports and workspaces - due to its added impact and abrasion resistance.

STRATEK 3D Laminate is a rigid thermofoil (RTF) ideal for both horizontal and vertical surface applications. STRATEK can be membrane-pressed or vacuum-formed to contoured surface profiles (think joinery and table tops with rolled edges or logo impressions) as well as being used for matching screens. Its dimensional flexibility eliminates the need for T-molding, edge banding, visible seams and special edge treatments used with traditional laminates, which are also the weakest points for damage by impact and moisture.

The ability of STRATEK to wrap around edges not only creates lovely seamless edges, it is highly resistant to impact and water damage, and no joins improves cleanability and hygiene. Plus it's available in a wide range of Stones, Solids, Wood Grains & Metallic textures and colours. Specify STRATEK for your counters, tabletops, joinery, desks and work surfaces for stylish, easy to clean finishes.


Vinyl 3D Laminate

Supplied As

You can opt to purchase the STRATEK 3D Laminate material for application to horizontal and vertical surfaces yourself or Baresque has a wide array of products fabricated using Stratek including perforated screens, post screens, table tops, Zon zoning modules and furniture through our sister company botton + gardiner.

Care Instructions

Use cloth with any of the following in preferred order of use:

1: Clear warm water

2: Mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water

3: Isopropyl Alcohol (a.k.a. rubbing alcohol

Do not use solvent based or concentrated abrasive cleaning agents, lacquer thinners, nail polish remover or cleaning agents containing bleach as these may cause discolouration over a period of time.

Remove any detergent with a clean, damp cloth. Gently pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first. If care instructions don't deliver the expected results, cease cleaning method immediately and contact Baresque for assistance.