Simple, tactile, and imperfectly perfect is how we describe our twelve Zintra Organic Etch designs. Introducing Herringbone Stripe, a unique herringbone pattern.

Colour & Finish Options
Zintra 12mm Solid PET

Product Specifications


Drawing inspiration from the craftsmanship of skilled artisans, Organic Etch effortlessly blends human creativity with the beauty of the natural world. Organic Etch panels not only enhance interior spaces with design and depth but also offer superior acoustics. Available in a diverse range of designs and choice of colours, each tells a story of simplicity, tactility, and imperfect perfection.

Herringbone Stripe: Combines columns and short parallel lines in a unique herringbone pattern. Each column features lines sloping in opposite directions, creating a visually dynamic design that adds movement and texture to walls.

Embrace imperfection and unlock the beauty of organic design. With a choice of 30 colours, lightweight and easy to cut Organic Etch is the perfect acoustic alternative to traditional commercial wallcoverings.

Available in 12 contemporary designs

Ceramic | Herringbone Stripe | Offset | Plaid | Rivers Horizontal | Rivers Vertical | Stacked | Stacked Etch | Stream Horizontal | Stream Vertical | Stripe | Twitch

Explore our twelve Organic Etch designs, each a contemporary interpretation. From the geometric design of Herringbone Stripe to the iconic box layout of Plaid, our panels bring texture and dimension to any space. Organic Etch Rivers captures the fluidity of nature with converging and diverging lines, while Organic Etch Stream evokes the tranquillity of flowing water. Partner patterns like Organic Etch Stacked and Stacked Plain to create coordinated designs, adding further depth to your environment.


Available in 12mm (1/2") ONLY

Standard panel Size

1225mm (48") w x 2800mm (110") h x 12mm (1/2") d


Zintra Acoustic Panel - 100% Solution Dyed (Colour Through) Polyester

12mm (1/2") - Density 2.4 kg /m² 0.5 lb/ft²


Zintra is made from 100% recyclable materials.

  • 60% post-consumer recycled content from PET bottles.

  • 35% pre-consumer recycled content from PET chips

  • 5% polylactic acid (PLA)

Fire Rating

ASTM-E84 – Class A classification
AS ISO 9705 – 2003 – Group 1 classification
EN-13501 – B-s2-d0 classification


Visit FAQ for more details.

Assembly & Delivery

Ships Flat Pack

Install using one of these four common techniques.

  1. Direct to the substrate

  2. Z-Clips

  3. Stand Offs

  4. Mechanical Fastener

Go to the Technical Documents and download the Installation Guide for more details.

Supplied As

Flat Pack

Zintra Organic Etch panel.

Suggested Installation

Go to Technical Documents and download the Installation Guide for more details.

How to Specify
  1. Select Organic Etch Design

  2. Select Zintra Colour

Care Instructions

Vacuum to remove dust.

Dab Zintra with a damp clean cloth and mild solution of liquid detergent and warm water. Repeat using only clean water, then pat dry with a lint free cloth.

For difficult stains, use a solution of household bleach (10% bleach / 90% water). To remove the bleach, repeat using a clean, water dampened cloth, then pat dry.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first and if you don't see the expected results, contact us.

Additional Comments

NRC 0.45 -0.75