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Random striations gives Dover a pattern a silk look, with a very subtle herringbone weave structure. Available in 4 colourways.



Environmentally Friendly


Phthalate Free


Ultra Performance

Bleach Cleanable

Extreme Durability

Extended Warranty


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Product Specifications


Xorel is a technologically advanced and environmentally sound problem solving woven textile which enables a wide range of design possibilities to be realized. All the high performance characteristics of Xorel emanate from the yarn. Simply put, nothing is added to the woven product to enhance performance; no finishes, no coatings.

A unique design approach that marries technology, craft,and textile experimentation, Xoreal delivers beautiful performance for workplace,hospitals, hotels, schools and beyond. Made from the rapidly renewable sugarcane plant, Biobased Xorel generates a significantly reduced carbon footprint over fossil-duel based products.

Roll Size

Unbacked - 142cm

X-Protect Wall - 132cm

X-Protect Sit - 137cm

Acrylic Backed - 137cm x Approx 60m - available by the lineal metre.

MINIMUM ORDER for X-Protect Sit - 5 lineal metres

MINIMUM ORDER for Acrylic Backed - 15 lineal metres


100% Xorel.

Available Unbacked (for wrapped panels) or

X-Protect Wall (for wallcoverings),

X-Protect Sit (for upholstery) Acrylic (for wrapped panels with glue) backings

Abrasion 1.000.000 double rubs
Pattern Repeat Size 101cm Lenght X Full Width. No match required
Environmental Info

Xorel's high performance does not come at an environmental cost as it achieves high standards for sustainability.

All testing/certifying is done by third party independent organizations including:- Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) – Indoor Air Quality (GOLD)- Vincotte – Biobased Content (LEVELS 3/4)- USDA Biobased – Meeting Government Biobased Regulations (PREFERRED)- Cradle to Cradle Institute – Full Lifecycle Assessment (GOLD)- NSF – FACTS certification (NSF 336)

Xorel products can also help a project achieve multiple credits under LEED for commercial interiors:Material Sourcing (Rapidly Renewable Content)Indoor Air Quality (SCS Indoor Advantage Gold)Material Optimization (Cradle to Cradle Gold)Material Transparency (Healthy Product Declaration)

Fire Rating

As a wallcovering - Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3837 and AS 5637.1:2015 for the purposes of Group Number Classification as specified in the NCC Volume One Specification C1.10 Clause 4

Classification - Group 1

Specific Extinction - Less than 250 m²/kg

As a fabric - Tested in accordance with AS1530.3

Spread of Flame Index - 0

Smoke Developed Index - 5


7-year warranty. Visit for complete details.

Lead Time

• 5-weeks (approx) from Wednesday subject to stock availability.

• Additional 1-week for Western Australia.

• Unbacked 2-3 weeks.

• Express delivery is available subject to a surcharge. Contact Baresque for details and pricing

Suggested Installation

As a wallcovering - trim selvedge and butt join.

Download the Installation Instructions for details.

Baresque recommends and supply Roman brand adhesives and primers.

Care Instructions

Xorel yarns are non-absorbent; dust and stains cannot penetrate them.

Regular maintenance will keep the fabric looking new for many years. Periodic vacuuming will remove dust that may settle between the yarns.

Most stains that dry between the yarns or on the surface can be eliminated by wiping the fabric with a cloth moistened with hot tap water. Some stains may require additional treatment. These stains can be cleaned with a variety of water or solvent based cleaners.

When using solvent based cleaners on paperbacked Xorel fabric, test on a small area first. Residue from these cleaners must be removed with hot water and a clean sponge. After cleaning, towel dry.

Hardened solids can be removed with stiff brush or a sharp-edged instrument without damaging the fabric. However, the brush or sharp instrument should not be used close to seams.

Hospital grade disinfectant cleaners can be safely used on Xorel fabrics. Always follow the directions for the specific brand being used as contact times may vary depending on the product. Diluted bleach solution (up to 40%) can also be used on Xorel for disinfecting purposes.

Always test in an inconspicuous area first. If care instructions don't deliver the expected results, cease cleaning method immediately and contact Baresque for assistance.

Additional Comments

Xorel is notable for its versatility in a wide range of projects; wherever both beauty and performance are required.

"Wallcoverings Unbacked:

Acoustically transparent, highly tackable, ability to self heal, yarns can ""move back: into position. Highly stable on panels and does not react to changes in humidity or moisture"

Upholstery Backing: X-Protect Sit

X-Protect Sit: A proprietary technology which prevents stains and moisture from passing through textile to the seat cushion.