Zintra new colour range

We are excited to present the addition of 4 new Zintra Acoustic colours. Drawing inspiration from nature, Brick, Olive, Pebble and Midnight reflect positivity and adventure of a new world. Each one has been developed with versatility in mind, so they can work alone or with any of the 28 colours and timbers in the full Zintra Acoustic range. 

Zintra Brick

Evokes warmth and comfort, while imparting tones reminiscent of Autumn. Brick is perfect for pairing with neutral tones or bringing the outdoors indoors. Pair back Brick with Linen and Ecru Zintra's pattern arch. A progressive, easy-to-install, on-trend Acoustic solution that provides both style and function to any interior space. 


Zintra Olive

Reminiscent of a Mediterranean grove, Olive brings a darker shade of green with a hint of yellow. It gives a sense of peace and harmony, while conveying the expanse of nature. Pair back Olive with Grass and Malachite. Acoustic Baffle System Louvre has been designed in sets of angled slats that are suspended to let light pass through. Perfect for colour combination for added aesthetics as well as reducing room echo that you may experience in open environments such as fitness studios and retail spaces. 

Zintra Pebble

Inspired by the colour of water flowing over rocks, this warm, light grey adds neutrality and calmness to the range. Pebble is a perfect modern grey that when paired with the warmer Zintra Acoustics colour offerings can help create a harmonious and gentle contrast. Try ⁠pairing Pebble with Smoke and Pewter for the ultimate neutral combination in embossed tidal or discover endless design possibilities with acoustic panels. 

Zintra Midnight

Inspired by the deep sea and projecting confidence and mystery. A dark navy shade means it can be treated as a neutral colour, while its blue hue exudes an elegant, contemporary feel. Pair Midnight with Cadet and Sky for a sophisticated combination on our acoustic panels  to straight or curved walls or feature Midnight on it’s own in acoustic tiles for an added textural element. 

Zintra’s versatility is that it can be applied directly to walls and ceilings, fabricated into assortment of tile, panels, baffles and cloud designs that help solve the unique intricacies of any indoor space. Explore Zintra Acoustic Solutions, Volume 2 Brochure here. 
Request a Zintra sample today or give us a call today on 1300 306 399 for all your project specific needs. 

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