The art of acoustic excellence

The latest in Zintra acoustic solutions, each new product has been specifically designed to elevate spaces and amplify ambience.

Mesh Baffles - ceilings never have to be the same again.

Mesh Baffles is a solution that addresses the growing demand for scalable and user-friendly acoustic ceiling options. 

Using a unique interconnecting system, Mesh Baffles create artistic statements that transform the aesthetics and acoustics of almost any ceiling.

Their lightweight materials, clever mounting kit and simple mesh connectors make them easy to cut, effortless to hang and simple to configure.  

Made from Zintra, the interchangeable, acoustically tuned 209mm quills hang from the mesh in a range of designs, colours and prints, that morph with a change in light or perspective.

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Premium Wood Print - a realistic alternative to real wood

Transform your commercial space into a warm and inviting haven with Premium Wood Prints by Zintra. The 12 new photorealistic digital prints offer an alternative to real wood, allowing you to create stunning acoustic solutions that connect people with nature.

Sourced from artisan species from around the world to complement the latest furniture trends, the collection features grains that go from mild to wild.

Mesh Baffles


Premium Wood Prints

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