Revolutionising commercial interiors: discover the power of P3TEC

P3TEC is revolutionising commercial interiors with an innovative new standard in wall protection. Far more advanced than the cumbersome, industrial wall guards of the past, P3TEC offers cutting-edge performance that includes impact-resistant durability and easy-to-clean surfaces - yet it doesn't compromise on a stunning, modern design aesthetic.

Imagine healthcare facilities that combine beauty with practicality, or bustling thoroughfares that maintain elegance without losing robustness. In today's world, the quest for spaces that prioritise well-being - spaces that are as nurturing as they are functional - is on the rise. P3TEC addresses this growing trend by providing the perfect solution with three key advantages that meet the call for these inspired environments.

1. Extreme durability for high-performance spaces

At the core of P3TEC’s innovation is unparalleled protection with its triple-resistance system.  First, it boasts impact resistance with the ability to withstand blows from carts and other moving objects, thanks to its superior flexibility.  Second, a protective cap film shields it against surface damage from harsh chemicals and staining agents, including permanent marker and graffiti, which can be easily removed.  And finally, P3TEC is highly resistant to abrasion, making it ideal for high-traffic areas with chairs, carts and other equipment in constant motion.

2. Easy installation, flawless finish

Unlike other advanced wall protection products, P3TEC is neither bulky or cumbersome to install. It is conveniently available in rolls, making shipping, handling and installation as equally simple as standard wallcoverings and adhesives. Additionally, P3TEC also offers uninterrupted coverage, enabling the creation of a flawless finish from floor to ceiling and allowing for easy on-site cutouts for outlets, switches, and doorways.

3. Compelling design for aesthetic versatility

P3TEC’s refined designs and tactile appeal adds depth and dimension to any wall application. Offered in a stunning array of 295 colours and 17 patterns, it introduces nature-inspired texture and the luxurious look of silk, linen, and woven fabrics to a demanding space that would otherwise be flat – without jeopardising the crucial factor of ease of cleaning. Imagine healthcare facilities and aged care spaces that feel warm and inviting, or high-traffic areas in restaurants and airports boasting the elegance of natural materials like stone and wood.  P3TEC goes beyond basic protection, elevating the aesthetics of interior spaces while remaining ideally suited for high use areas across all commercial sectors.

In a world where style and extreme durability are increasingly valued equally, P3TEC fulfills this need exceptionally. This innovative product merges best-in-class performance features of high-impact panels with the decorative look and ease of installation of traditional wallcoverings.  This translates to long-lasting walls in high-traffic areas that maintain their appearance for longer, thereby minimising replacements and the demand for new materials.


View our complete P3TEC collection here to order free samples with same-day dispatch.

Did you know, we also have rendering tiles available for each P3TEC design to make bringing your design vision to life that much easier? Contact us today to request yours.

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