Materiality trends you'll love: Baresque's Autumn 2024 collection

Introducing the Baresque Autumn 2024 collection. A new release of acoustic prints, wallcoverings and fabrics across four inspired themes - each a testament to innovation, performance, wellbeing and organic beauty. 

Architectural materiality 

From concrete textures that conjure an essence of raw beauty, to the warmth of wood paneling where each grain tells its own story. From Venetian plasters that cleverly replicate the rustic palettes of the Tuscan countryside, to the speckled charm of terrazzo and travertines. Each of these beautiful, earthly materials are encapsulated in this collection. 

Our curated collection of architectural materiality for wallcoverings and acoustics offers designers realistic alternatives to the raw materials. Each design mimics the irregularities of its organic form while providing consistent finishes, ease of installation, and a more affordable solution compared to their raw counterparts.

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Metallics to make a statement 

Burnished finishes, hammered metal looks, mineral shimmers, metallic accents and gilded backdrops – these decorative wallcoverings establish an environment of polished refinement for any hospitality or commercial interior space.  

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The biophilic beauty of woven wallcoverings 

Linen prints, grass pattern inspired weave textures and sateen finishes. Our new collection of woven-look wallcoverings draws upon the calming influence of biophilia and natural elements, infusing spaces with an organic texture that promotes well-being, coastal interior styles and a connectivity to the natural world.  

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Sustainable fabrics 

Make eco-conscious choices without compromising on elegance or durability with this collection of ecofriendly fabrics. Including rapidly renewable materials such as plant-based faux-leather, and woven fabrics made from recycled materials such as recycled polyester. All sourced from some of the world’s leading innovators in this space.

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