Making Waves: The latest collection from Ennis Fabrics

The ocean's vast expanse has forever captivated architects and designers. Its calming rhythm and endless shades of blue are a constant source of wonder, weaving serenity and a touch of wanderlust into our interior spaces. This very resource that inspires and infuses our spaces with tranquility is, as we know, facing unprecedented threats from plastic waste. So, as we bring the beauty of the ocean indoors it’s important to recognise our responsibility in protecting this vital resource through our material choices.

Making Waves, the latest fabrics collection from Ennis, is an homage to the ocean’s timeless beauty and enduring future. Their partnership with the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE® for this collection is a dedication to keeping our oceans clean, as well as supporting local communities, and importantly, contributing to moving society towards a circular economy by giving a second life to all types of marine plastic waste.

Here we explore the Making Waves collection and the Ennis Fabrics x Seaqual Initiative partnership.

The wonder of making waves

Making Waves is a collection of five fabrics that capture the very essence of the ocean’s tones and flowing patterns.

From the soft curves of small waves captured in ‘Ripple’, to the repeating rounded pattern expressed in ‘Gyre’, inspired by the ocean's currents.

'Thalassa' brings the ocean's depths to life with a luxurious woven chenille, while 'Delmar' and 'Nixie' echo the ocean's vast topography with their sleek, striated patterns and captivating colour variations.

Plus, with Crypton's high-performance protection, this ocean-inspired collection is built to withstand all of life’s spills with its stain, soil and moisture barrier.

Ensuring the future of our oceans

The SEAQUAL INITIATIVE® is a community of individuals, organisations and companies working together to help clean our oceans. They work with ocean clean-up crews around the world to bring value to the waste they recover by transforming it into SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC, which is then blended with other recycled PET and spun into SEAQUAL® YARN.

SEAQUAL® YARN is 10% marine plastic and 90% post-consumer PET from land sources, which is used as a base from which to make new fabrics such as Ennis’.

SEAQUAL INITIATIVE's® aim is to create a seismic shift in attitude towards sustainability. They are developing a worldwide program to recover plastic waste from the environment and engaging with all industries to transform this resource into new high-quality everyday products.

If you would like to know more about this fantastic SEAQUAL INITIATIVE® please visit their website

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