Improve Acoustics With Seraphic Digital Print

Striking the perfect atmosphere and design has never been easier with Seraphic Digital Print. With materiality so imperative to every collaborative work space, hospitality or business, Seraphic is here to help meet your space's needs with your touch of creativity.

Although wallpaper has been a staple of interior design for centuries, recent technological improvements to printing have given rise to stunning digital wallcoverings. Thanks to their vibrant, flexible and easy-to-clean nature, basically any commercial, educational or healthcare space can be improved with these exceptional creations printed on our offerings of substrates:

Here, we take a look at just some of the Seraphic High-Performance Digital Prints offered by Baresque and provide helpful tips about adding them to your space. 

Patterns & Photography

One of the most tedious things about wallpaper is that patterns typically have to be repeated over and over again to create a suitable product. But digital wallcoverings have completely revolutionised this, now able to use their own high-resolution images to produce mural designs. Simply find a vivid pattern or photographic image that reflects your projects mood, and our internal digital project manager will ensure the project comes to life just as expected. 

Nature & Texture

Create a sense of tranquillity within a pace by utilising a nature or texture-based digital print. Whether you want to evoke the Amazon jungle or a sun-drenched tropic’s, our highly experienced and dedicated team will ensure your design achieves the look your searching for. We are on hand to determine the precise dimensions required and provide a complimentary A4 sample to make sure we’ve hit the mark. 

Graphic & Geometric

From healthcare projects to commercial spaces and school classrooms, digital wallcoverings provide a cost-effective and high-quality design solution that can be customised to your exact needs. If you’re looking to transform an outdated interior into something inspiring, on-trend and long-lasting, don’t look anywhere but Baresque. Browse through our energetic graphic and geometric designs to find one that’s suitable for your space or bring us your own design. 

Enhance Your Space with Baresque - Finding the ideal wallpaper doesn’t have to be a complicated process. You can work with us to discover how Seraphic Digital Print can meet your needs. From walls, ceilings, or as panels for room division and acoustics solutions, our professional team will guide you through the entire process. 


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