Cadence and Harmony


Cadence follows the undulating journey of sound waves in an upbeat geometric pattern, emulating a transition in pitch from high to low. The integration of a three-colour twist yarn adds a heathered effect to amp up dimension across the surface. Soft and tactile, the fabric itself will always be silent, but the design speaks volumes. Cadence is offered in eight hues with an emphasis on layered neutrals. 


If you’ve ever fallen asleep to the sound of gently lapping ocean waves or the patter of rain, you know the power of ambient sound to soothe and comfort. Harmony embodies that familiar and calming feeling in textile form. The designers evoke this in an intricate, layered fabric that utilizes a blend of metallic and matte yarns to reveal a subtle pattern with a soft and reflective focus. A robust palette of 13 colours includes jewel tones and soft pastels. 

As durable as they are beautiful, Cadence and Harmony are powered by the power of Crypton for optimal performance across an assortment of high-impact contract spaces providing the most durable upholstery solution built to perform beautifully in the most challenging environments. Crypton offers soft, easy-to-clean, heavy-duty fabric that is impenetrable, stain resistant and odour resistant. 

Cadence & Harmony

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