Beauty under pressure

Finally, a design-driven alternative to vinyl sheets. Baresque's latest release, featuring P3TEC's Exhale and River Reed, combines the best of wallcovering designs with wall protection that withstands the extreme impacts of high traffic spaces.

Some walls need extra protection from bumps, rubs, spills and commercial cleaners, but that shouldn’t mean they aren’t also easy on the eye.​

P3TEC offers just that – the designs, textures and flexibility of vinyl wallcovering with the impact, chemical and abrasion resistance of wall protection.

River Reed and Exhale aren’t just for hospitals, they’re the perfect complement to traditional wallcoverings in bars, restaurants, coffee shops and lobbies. Here's why:

Impact, chemical and abrasion resistant

  • Independently tested by ASTM International (D5420-10, D308, D4060-14)

Stain resistant and easy to clean

  • Stain resistant to permanent markers, spray paint, wine, coffee

  • Cleanable with bleach, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

Simple wallcovering installation

  • Comes in rolls for easy transportation and top to bottom installation​

  • Pattern matching, seaming with overlap, double cut process​

  • Easy on the spot cut-outs

Wide range of applications

  • Bends around curves

  • Covers full walls without need for protective profiles

Read more about P3TEC's advanced wall protection here

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